Embody the Journey enhances natural wellbeing using Mindfulness-
Awareness, Somatic-Movement therapy, and Loving Kindness
.WProfile Picsith this support, each step on your path can move you towards wellbeing in mind, posture, emotion, and action. You will learn to settle your mind, awaken your body, and open your heart in every movement you make, be it breathing, sitting, walking, or speaking. Embody the Journey can assist you on your journey to wellbeing.


  • Do you feel disconnected, distracted, closed?
  • Are you stressed in your daily life? Do you suffer from poor posture and movement habits?
  • Do you have an unresolved condition which gives you pain and discomfort?
  • Do you desire greater dignity in demeanor and ease in action?
  • Do you seek enhanced skill in business, artistic expression?
  • Do you yearn to feel whole and connected with others?


Embody the Journey can open the door and show you the way home to fully embodied living, where you abide in natural wellbeing.


Experiential exploration and sensitive communication guide your journey, as you synchronize your mind and body, re-awaken your capacity to feel, open your heart, and cultivate your creative, skillful resources. You experience the confidence and ease of being yourself rather than the anxiety of trying to conform to an idea of yourself.

You learn to rely on your intrinsic intelligence, warmth, and openness that you have been searching for outside of yourself. You then naturally radiate your presence to others, in personal relationships, family, and livelihood.


Joan Whitacre is a master therapist and teacher who effortlessly integrates somatic-movement therapy with mindfulness – awareness training and compassion practices to guide you on your journey.

Through touch, movement, dialogue and other modalities, you hear the intelligence of your experience, feel its warmth, and open to its energy. You develop the ability to let go of reactivity, and respond appropriately. And you learn to be your own guide, taking response-ability for your wellbeing and attuning to the wisdom of your direct embodied experience.


For more information about Embody the Journey, please take a look at Areas of Practice. And please feel free to be in touch.

Joan would be happy to speak with you or answer your email.


“Joan Whitacre made me feel beautiful – not in an egocentric way, but by giving me a sense and appreciation of my own potential and structure, both as an individual and as an organism alive in this universe, at this time.” – Ellen Reifler, dancer, teacher, and massage therapist.


“Joan Whitacre is a very special bodyworker and movement teacher.  She embodies what she practices and teaches with sensitivity, grace, dignity, and gentleness.  She combines broad intellectual and technical understanding of anatomy, sensory-motor functioning and perception with emotional empathy, as she guides her clients and students intuitively and creatively along their individual paths.” – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder, School for Body-Mind Centering